If Audrey Hepburn was a Punk Rocker 

An apartment full of boxes, nothing unpacked
A nameless cat, Cat
In NYC yellow cabs
And Tiffany's.

If Audrey Hepburn was a punk rocker
she would unpack the Cracker Jack, wear it on a chain
Dye her hair, stripes, thick bold, insane

She would play loud music,
so loud, the neighbours would complain
Rip on her guitar, Fred darling, Paul baby, George,
Playmates in her game

Together they would rob a variety store,
with a dog and cat mask
Audrey that punk rocker 
What a bad ass!

But when it came to true love
Audrey didn’t know what to do
A bona fide punk rocker,
Audrey would just get his name in the form of a tattoo.