Kiss the Cod 

I plugged the hole with my bright red wellies
Water pouring in
My dinghy leaked, beaten, rough, by the sea
I prayed with one eye open to see another

Still, sun broke
An eye winked from above,
Its giant lashes combed my back 
seated me in the dory
I started to paddle ashore.

Clouds travelling
The eye followed,
Keeping watch 
Smile, rippled, each passing row.

Water dissipated
Did I hit a rock? 
Had I landed on the shore?

A giant flipper rose
Stern, a mermaid 
braided her hair, tossed it over her shoulder. 
I reached and tied it in.
She whipped her tail 
and flipped over.

I swam face to face with the mermaid underwater
The sky in her eyes.
She reached out and stole my tear,
Held in her palm, wet with sparkle
One soft breath, 
blown into the ocean.

Bubbles, bursting, fast toward me.
The mermaid into the darkness
A bubble circled, lifting forward
Surfaced, clinging to the broken dory
Fog lifted,
A cod came by to say hi:
Character is everything, he whispered
Shut up, Cod and kiss me.
By, you’re a real Newfie.
Salty and sweet.