The HORRORible Hollywood Logline

“The Killer Socks”
An isolated housewife struggles with being a new mother. To get her husband’s attention, she tries to organize all his unmatched socks, only to discover the missing socks are killer socks. Now she must fight for her life or die. 

“We Adopted a Zombie”
An infertile couple decides to adopt a child, only to discover the child they adopted never ages and children in the neighbourhood start to go missing. 

“The Twin Accessory”
They look alike; they feel each other’s pain and can read each other's thoughts. However, one twin is evil, and she thinks she can get away with murder. 

“End of the Rainbow”
A lost boy follows a rainbow to its end and is led into a world of magic and wonder by a lucky leprechaun. But, the magic quickly fades, and he has only a few hours to escape his nightmare and go back to the rainbow’s end. 
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