Neptune rains diamonds

God of the sea
The fish walk

Supersonic in their stride
Breathing through naked eyes

Talk to the moon 
All fourteen of them

No one thinks your crazy
Neptune rains diamonds

Love, you transform

You’re the sun who rises my heart
Red heat that burns my thoughts
You transform.



What deep thoughts have brought you to this edge? 
Silent seas, moving sands, salty breath, cracking hands
Water flows stabbing, cold
Dark waves, blow, crashing 
Pulls the sea to land's end.
Where is reflection 
Where do we ascend, descend
To course bottom,
Beat against rocks and sand.
Water wears away rock
All shall pass
Flow, endless
Beginning, eternal. 

The Maple Leaf

The Maple Leaf

I stand on a land that isn’t mine
I sing for an anthem that once excluded me
Who are the sons?
What did they command?

I tell you this 
Should I be listening 
to those who came before me.
I am not native to this land
Born here, yes, 
not right, 

Knees connected to the ground
I beg to hear
soiled whispers,
engrained stories, heavy, granular
Clouds damage my eyes

A red leaf falls 
blood washes misty 
Veins traced like rivers,
spirits alive, 
tangled hearts we rise


He Loves Me Not

The daisy picked apart
He loves me!
He loves me not?

Inside is all that remains,
Torn apart from the pretty petals
Disregarded in the wind,
My wish carried away

He loves me not.

If Audrey Hepburn was a Punk Rocker

Apartment full of boxes, unpacked
Nameless cat, Cat
Yellow New York City 
Blue Tiffany's

Audrey Hepburn punk rock
Unpack the Cracker Jack, 
Wear it on a chain
Hair, blonde stripes, thick, bold, insane

Play loud music, louder
Neighbours complain
Rip the guitar, Fred darling, Paul baby
Playmates, player game play

Rob a variety store,
Dog and cat masks
Audrey the punk rocker 
What a bad ass!

In true love
Audrey didn’t know what to do
Bona fide punk rocker,
George tattoo