Janine Parkinson

Data-driven Storyteller. Science Communicator. Children’s Book Author.

Matt Damon is the nicest guy in Hollywood. Janine Parkinson knows this first-hand, but she is no longer happy with being set on fire or tossed off the side of buildings. As an ex-stunt performer, Janine has turned her attention to creating content that motivates action.

With the exponential growth of data in all aspects of our lives, developing a meaningful narrative is key to effective communication. This is where Janine uniquely combines her talents in storytelling with her knowledge of data science to provide insight and inform content strategy.

How does one go from a career as a Stunt Performer to a Data-driven Storyteller?

By being curious about tech and great storytelling. Janine manages editorial by analyzing and processing data to make presentations and content more relevant, memorable and easier to digest.

It also helps to know database management and visualization, have storytelling skills to convert data insights into a clear and compelling narrative. Additionally, it’s good to hold certifications in SEO, SEM, and digital marketing.

Would you jump off a roof without analyzing all the risks?

Okay, you probably wouldn’t jump off a roof. Janine, however, worked with and trusted talented teams of professionals who together analyzed and processed all the variable outcomes to bring you some of the most exciting and entertaining scenes in film and tv. Check out the extended trailer for the film Life in a Year with Cara Delevingne. In this scene/trailer it’s actually Janine who runs across a three-story high catwalk jumping off the Unilever soap factory onto a bus and into hidden cardboard boxes.

Science and art are often perceived to be mutually exclusive. Coupling art and science through storytelling and knowing the cognitive strategy on how to use it to induce emotion is a unique and in-demand skill.

In scientific terms, receptors in our brain react to the words we hear or read and our brains either compel us to the story or warn us against it. From a humanistic perspective, story simply evokes emotion. Finding the synergy between science and art helps practitioners in both areas to innovate and opens up to more diverse voices therefore engaging a broader audience.

That’s pretty powerful.

I write about neuroscience and kazoo parades.

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