Chicken and Cat Productions encourages a diverse, inclusive, safe and socially responsible community in film and tv. It is a collaborative promoting gender balance and women in leadership roles.

Chicken is Janine Albrecht Parkinson’s nickname given to her by her mother. Cat is in honour of her orange cat, Maverick, who may no longer be with us, but he is certainly peeing outside of heaven’s litterbox from time to time.

Who are you calling Chicken?

Janine Parkinson writes daily by the water surrounded by dozens of rescue cats and dogs (making it impossible for her to be labelled a cat lady).

Janine has a range of experiences which include: video editor, stunt performer, scenic artist, producer and writer. She has contributed to almost every acronym media, film and television outlet across Canada: SCTV, CNW Group (now Cision), CBC/ Société Radio-Canada, CCE, IATSE, ACTRA, CMPA and the WGC. Not to mention producing online content for NOW and Maclean’s Magazine.

Despite being the 2016 WEKAF Canadian National Stick and Knife Fighting Champion for her category (4 medals and several dings to the head) as well as the 2013 Junior Bantamweight Provincial Boxing Champ, Janine refuses to use her muscle to win a Canadian Screen Award or even an Emmy. (A willful regulation of the brain over the body.)

Having retired from a career of being set on fire, crashing through windows, and shot downstairs, naturally, Janine is now focused on writing and producing. Her first independently produced, written, and directed film, Le Parking, premiered at the Montréal Kino Festival in 2020. In 2021, thanks to a year at home, Janine signed an agreement with Alibi Entertainment for her animated kids series, Petite/ Small Science. Set for release in February 14, 2022, is the release of her subsequent short, Dating Death and later Frankenstein: The Musical with Landed Entertainment.

In collaboration with her rescue dog, Lenny, Janine helped pen the first of a series of children’s picture books with Lenny Peed On That!

What People Say

“Janine wants to see a story well told, that resonates, has something to say. Highly recommend.”

Christos Sourligas, President at
One Man Band Films Inc.

“I first met Janine working at Second City Television. I had the pleasure of witnessing her professional growth in her career from being in front of my lens to behind the scenes. Janine has an ability to see the big picture and prepares herself intensely before and during a project to be able to deliver positive results.”

Andrew Watt, csc

“Her personal energy, commitment to the work and high standards of production have always impressed me. On and off set, Janine is a charm to be around and I know I can depend on her.”

Darrin Suzuki, Producer-Editor at
Opulent Eye Productions

“Janine assisted our young daughter Monica with her Charity, Janine is a breath of fresh air as she uses her many talents to continually challenge herself. She is a true champion and it is our honour to have met and worked with her, The Healy Family.”

Mark V. Healy

“Janine’s sense of humour complements her interpersonal skills and enables her to forge ahead where others might falter.”

Frank Iacobucci, Secretary-Treasurer at NABET 700-M UNIFOR